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Dates and venues for upcoming events:

  • Chicago, IL (July 27, 2024) - Oak Lawn Community Pavilion (9401 S. Oak Park Ave., Oak Lawn, IL 60453)​

Event time and weigh-ins:​

  • Check-in time for competitors at the venue will be posted here several days before the event.​

    • Plan to arrive early in case there are many submissions and the event moves along faster than expected

    • There will be 2 warm-up areas set up in the back of the venue

  • Mandatory weigh-ins are either:​

    • Friday at 7pm-8pm at the venue

    • Saturday:​

      • Matches 1-10 weigh in between 3pm and 4pm. Any other matches are welcome to weigh in at this time as well

      • Matches 11-20 weigh in between 3:30pm and 4:30pm

  • The first match will start at 5pm and there will be about 2 minutes before the next match starts, we cannot give exact times for each match since things can go a lot faster if there are many submissions, but can estimate that match number ​​11 will go around 6:15pm. We expect this event to end around 7:30pm

Tickets can be purchased online on the event page. Spectators can choose the name of the competitor they are supporting at checkout. Here are direct links to event pages:​​​

  • Chicago, IL (July 27, 2024) - Coming soon



  • Rulesets for each match are highlighted in blue in the list below. Find your name and make sure you know which submissions are allowed in your ruleset. We can change the ruleset ahead of time if both competitors agree at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Super fights are submission-only

  • The same allowable submissions as the tournament apply; if the competitors have different ranks, we usually go by the higher-ranking belt. Make sure to clarify which ruleset you are going by so everyone is on the same page

  • Same rules as the tournament apply, except for the rules regarding points (no points/advantages/penalties will be awarded)

    • The referee may be more strict about stalling​, depending on circumstances

    • In a situation where a competitor has a locked submission on his opponent, but it is within one foot from the edge of the stage, the referee may pause the match and move both competitors to the center of the mat, and the match will be reset

  • Weigh ins are without the gi and there is a 2-pound allowance. If over 2-pounds, opponent has the option of cancelling the match

  • Matches are held on an elevated stage. Please be conscious of where you and your competitor are on the stage. The referee will do his best to corral competitors away from the edges, but it is your responsibility to stay on the stage

  • Anyone who purposefully and maliciously pushes, throws, kicks, etc. their opponent off the stage will automatically be DQ'ed and the match will end

  • If you are competing in the gi, bring an extra gi of a different color just in case you and your opponent are wearing the same colored gi. This will help the referee and judges tell competitors apart during matches


  1. Kids Grey belt No-Gi match - 55 lbs - 5 min
    Kids No-Gi Rules (column 1)
    Landon Warren (Profectus)
    Abel Martinez (Phoenix MMA & Fitness)

  2. Kids Grey belt No-Gi match - 55 lbs - 5 min
    Kids No-Gi Rules (column 1)

    Eleanor Hoose (Phoenix MMA and Fitness)
    Savanah Campos (Five Points Jiu Jitsu)

  3. Kids Grey belt No-Gi match - 56 lbs - 5 min

    Kids No-Gi Rules (column 1)

    Evan Thompson (Hardy Hit Squad)

    Memphis Hale (The Academy)

  4. Kids Grey belt No-Gi match - 80 lbs - 5 min

    Kids No-Gi Rules (column 1)

    Michael Hoose (Phoenix MMA and Fitness)

    Kron Barbosa (ADG)

  5. Kids Grey belt No-Gi match - 80 lbs - 5 min

    Kids No-Gi Rules (column 1)

    Izayah Campos (Five Points Jiu Jitsu)

    Chester ‘Mallie’ Willis III (Phoenix MMA and Fitness)

  6. Kids Grey belt Gi match - 136 lbs - 5 min

    Kids Gi Rules (column 1)

    Lincoln Dolfie (The Academy)

    William Leo (Artista BJJ)

  7. Kids Grey/Yellow belt No-Gi match - 71 lbs - 5 min

    Kids No-Gi Rules (column 2)

    Maya Owens (Black Tie Jiu-Jitsu Clare)

    Berlyn Gamlin (Hardy Hit Squad)

  8. Kids Grey/Yellow belt No-Gi match - 102 lbs - 5 min

    Kids No-Gi Rules (column 2)

    Noah Flores (Legion Checkmat)

    Lexton Ketchum (Black Tie Jiu-Jitsu)

  9. Teens Grey belt No-Gi match - 116 lbs - 6 min

    Teens No-Gi Rules (column 2)

    Christian Steflik (Renzo Gracie Spring Hill)

    Aaron Zyherxoladiv (Beloit MMA)

  10. Teens Yellow belt No-Gi match - 160 lbs - 6 min

    Teens No-Gi Rules (column 3)

    Xavier Campos (Five Points Jiu Jitsu)

    Jaxon Shrum (HICSMMA)

Match times:

  • If the competitors have different ranks, we will go by the higher-ranking belt

  • If match time runs out, the win will go to judge's decision. There will be no ties

  • Match times for both gi and no-gi:

    • Black belts - 8 minutes

    • Brown belts - 7 minutes

    • Purple belts - 7 minutes

    • Blue belts - 7 minutes

    • Teens - 6 minutes

    • Kids - 5 minutes

No-Gi Rule Sets:

  • The following rule sets will be used unless both competitors agree to a different rule set:

    • Blue belts - Intermediate No-Gi Rules

    • Purple belts - Advanced No-Gi Rules

    • Brown belts - Advanced No-Gi Rules

    • Black belts - Expert No-Gi Rules


  • No cost to compete

  • Ticket commissions:​

    • You will receive $10 for every ticket you sell​​

      • This only applies to online​ sales before 8PM on Friday (people must select your name as the competitor they are coming to see for you to receive the commission). You would not be able to receive credit for any tickets sold at the door on Saturday

      • Regarding physical tickets, you will only receive commission for those turned in by weigh-ins on Friday night. If you are not able to make it to weigh-ins on Friday night, we suggest that you keep the cash and purchase the same tickets online with a credit card in order for you to receive commission. 

      • Commission checks will be mailed out in the week following the event

  • If your submission is chosen as the "Submission of the Night," you will receive a $100 bonus

  • ​If your match is chosen as the "Fight of the Night," both competitors will receive a $100 bonus



  • We do not cover travel, hotel, meals, etc.

  • Rules about attire is the same as tournament rules. If you are competing in a gi match, please bring an extra gi of a different color so that we do not have two competitors wearing the same color gi. This helps the referee and judges differentiate between competitors.

  • Your coach can receive free entry to the event, and if you are under 18-years old, you can receive an additional free entry for a parent. For them to enter the event, you must provide us with their name before 6pm Friday and we will add them to the "Will Call" ticket list

  • If you cannot compete for ANY reason after you have accepted the match, please give us and your opponent the courtesy of letting us know ASAP.  If the fight does not happen for any reason (such as an injured opponent), tickets you have sold are not refundable, but you are still entitled to $10 for every ticket you sell​​

  • Waiver to fill out:



We will need a picture of yourself so we can create a promo poster for you to use to help sell tickets.​

  • Editing is easier if you have a solid/dark background, but please don't try to edit/cut out the photo yourself

  • Does not have to be professional quality (many people send pictures taken with their cell phones)

  • If you will be competing in a gi match, please send a picture with your gi on. If you will be competing in a no-gi match, please send a picture in your no-gi attire (not shirtless)

  • Please have your arms on your side or in front of you. Do not put your hands on your hips with your elbows sticking out to the sides, or your arms spread out wide, because your picture may not fit into the poster space​

Here are some samples of what the promo posters look like:

11.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 185 lbs - 7 min

         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 5)

         Travis Lawrence (ADG Jiu Jitsu)

          Dalton Wilkerson (Modern Martial Arts and Family Center)

12.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 140 lbs - 7 min

         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         Shamar Perez (Wildside MMA)

         Noah Atkins  (The Academy / Team Shawn Hammonds)

13.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 150 lbs - 7 min
         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         Junayd Mohammed (Phoenix MMA)
         Huntter Anderson  (The Academy)

14.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 155 lbs - 7 min
         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         Mark Helser (Matrix Jiu-Jitsu / Nashville MMA)
         Luke Gentile (Maverick Training Center)

15.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 165 lbs - 7 min
         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         Max Barajas (Gracie Barra Franklin )
         George Hana (Nashville MMA (Matrix Jiu-jitsu)

16.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 166 lbs - 7 min
         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         James Carranza (Matrix Jiu-Jitsu / Nashville MMA)
         Nicholas Swan (Phoenix MMA & Fitness)

17.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 170 lbs - 7 min

         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         Joshua Valle (Opex Mufreesboro)
         David Miller (Black Tie Jiu-Jitsu)

18.  Women Blue belt No-Gi match - 140 lbs - 7 min
         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         Morgan Drivas (TBJJA / Zenith)
         Sarah Taylor (The Academy / Team Shawn Hammonds)

19.  Men Blue belt No-Gi match - 190 lbs - 7 min

         Intermediate No-Gi Rules (column 4)

         Josiah Calhoon (Renzo Gracie Spring Hill)

         Jake Baumann (Iron Knights Grappling)

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