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  • What is the best way to contact Grappling Games?
    The best way to contact us regarding questions about our tournaments is by sending an email to We can also be reached by texting (931) 922-2223. Please note: all registration changes MUST be requested in writing and emailed to Please refer to the section "Registration Questions" to see information on "How do I change my registration information?"
  • Does Grappling Games sell or rent mats?
    Yes, we do! Follow this link for more info: Buy/Rent Mats
  • How do I change my registration information? (weight, rank, team name, etc.)"
    Competitors have until 11:59PM on the Thursday night before the competition to request changes to their registration. Send an email to with the following information: 1) First and last name 2) Competition (date and city) that you are registered in 3) The changes that need to be made to your registration. You will receive an email within 24 hours confirming the changes to your registration. The deadline to make any changes is Thursday at 11:59PM. We cannot make any changes on the day of the tournament. If you feel that your child may not make weight into the division that you registered them for, please refer to the section "Weigh-In Questions."
  • Do I need a PayPal account to register?
    You do NOT need a PayPal account to register. All payments are processed through PayPal, but an account is not necessary. When you get to the payment page, there are two options: 1) "Pay with my PayPal account" or 2) "Pay with a debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit". The second option is at the bottom of the right hand side.
  • Can I register on the day of the tournament?
    No registrations are accepted on the day of the tournament. The deadline to register for a tournament is usually on the Monday before at 10PM.
  • I missed the registration deadline... Can I still register?
    Give us a call or text at (931) 922-2223, and we can discuss your options. Each case is reviewed on an individual basis, but absolutely no registrations are accepted after Thursday 11:59PM.
  • What happens if there are no competitors in my division?
    If we cannot provide fair matches for you, we will contact you by the Thursday before the tournament and give you a full refund (including spectator tickets and photography options). A "fair match" for kids and teens is considered to be against an opponent within 2 years of age and within 10 pounds of each other. If the only other competitors in your division are team mates, we do not consider them to be opponents, and you can still receive a refund.
  • What happens if I can't compete?
    As long as you haven't started the division(s), we can give you "Division credit rollovers" to a future tournament. This may be due to injury from a previous division, not showing up to the tournament, having to leave early, etc. As a courtesy to other competitors, please let us know ASAP if you cannot make the event so we can update brackets. If there is only one other person in your division, it will give us an opportunity to contact the other competitor to let them know they do not have an opponent.
  • How do I add/connect a team affiliation in Smoothcomp?
    Within Smoothcomp, an affiliation is defined as: "One team/affiliation that has several clubs representing the team/affiliation in competition." An academy in Smoothcomp is: "One academy/school/club with students training for one (or more) instructors in one local place." In the context of Smoothcomp, you might have one affiliation, let's say Amy's Jiu Jitsu, with several academies underneath it, such as Amy's Jiu Jitsu North or Amy's Jiu Jitsu South. To ensure your points go to the right place, it's helpful to have the affiliates and academies appropriately named. Affiliations must be created by Smoothcomp. An affiliation owner, manager, or director would need to contact Smoothcomp directly to have it created. Academies can be created by anyone. Coaches-please be sure there is only one occurrence of your academy in Smoothcomp, and let your students know the exact name they should choose when registering. Sometimes, situations arise where there are two names for the same school (academy). For example, Amy's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu may also be listed as Amy's BJJ. These are the same, but they've been created by two different users. Amy's Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may already be part of the affiliation while Amy's BJJ is not. Anyone registered under Amy's BJJ would not have their team points allocated correctly. Smoothcomp has some great articles on managing affiliations and academies. For information on creating an affiliation or academy, go here: Here are instructions on how to connect your academy to an affiliation: Competitors can change their academy here:
  • When will the tournament schedule be posted?
    The tournament schedule will be posted on our website by Friday 8AM (the day before the tournament). Specific times vary by tournament, but we keep the same basic format for all events: Kids & teens No-Gi (approx. from 9:00am-10:30am) Kids & teens BJJ (approx. from 10:30am-12:00pm) Adult BJJ (Men, Masters, Seniors, & Women) (approx. from 12:00pm-2:00pm) Adult No-Gi (Men, Masters, Seniors, & Women) (approx. from 2:00pm-4:00pm) Please note that the above times listed are approximate and these time windows vary with each tournament. It is better to be safe and arrive earlier than to risk being disqualified.
  • When will divisions be posted?
    Preliminary divisions will be posted on our website by 8PM on the Thursday before the tournament. Please make sure to review the preliminary divisions and let us know if you have any questions or if you can't find your name.The deadline to make changes to divisions is Friday afternoon at 8PM, and the finalized brackets with mat assignments and approximate match times will be posted online early Saturday morning.
  • When will the results be posted?
    The results are usually posted on our website here about 2-3 days after the tournament. They will also be emailed out to all competitors.
  • What should I expect when I arrive at the tournament?
    Our doors open at 8AM (only staff are allowed in the venue before 8AM). We recommend that you arrive 30min-1hr before your scheduled competition time. When you enter the venue, here is an overview of the process: All competitors check in at the front desk. Parents/family/friends: If you purchased spectator tickets online, you can pick them up at this point. If you have not purchased spectator tickets yet, you can pay at the front desk. We only accept cash on the day of the tournament (refer to the event page for ticket pricing). Next, you will weigh in and receive a competitor wristband signifying that you have made weight. If you lose your competitor wristband, you may be disqualified. Find your name on the brackets, and know which mat(s) you will be competing on. The final brackets will be posted on the walls near the weigh-in station. If you cannot find your name, ask a Grappling Games staff member to help you. If you would like to warm-up, we have warm-up mats available for competitors. Please do not wear shoes on the warm-up mats. At your scheduled competition time (times are listed on the official tournament schedule which will be posted on our website the day before the tournament), check in at the mat you will be competing at. Children may have ONE coach OR parent accompany them inside the barricades to help find their mat and check in.
  • Who is allowed inside the barricades?
    Only competitors are allowed inside the barricades. Coaches are only allowed inside the barricaded area to coach children and teens. ONE coach is allowed per child only to help them find their mat and check-in, coach them during competition, and watch for their safety. A parent may stand in as a coach to help a child if their coach is not available, but absolutely no photography or video is allowed inside the barricaded area.
  • Are weigh-ins with or without the gi?
    All weigh-ins are WITHOUT the gi. You must leave on undergarments while weighing-in. Competitors are given a 1-pound allowance to account for undergarments and scale differences.
  • What happens if adults (18 yrs+) don't make weight?
    If you do not make weight or do not weigh in during your assigned weigh-in time, you will be disqualified from your weight divisions. If you signed up for Absolute divisions, you may still compete if your weight allows (ex. If you signed up for the Absolute No-Gi 0-170 lbs., but you weigh-in over 170 lbs., you will be disqualified from your Absolute division too). Please make sure you are at the weight you registered for, as there will be no refunds or transfers given due to disqualification or missing weight for any reason. You may not change weight divisions on the day of the tournament as brackets will already be finalized and posted. If you know you need to change your weight division after you have registered, please send us an email before 11:59PM on the Thursday before the tournament to change divisions.
  • What happens if children or teens (17 yrs and under) don't make weight?
    We do not disqualify children or teens if they do not make weight. We recommend that they compete in a weight division that falls under their normal everyday weight. However, we understand that their weights fluctuate constantly, and we want to discourage unhealthy and potentially dangerous weight-cuts and diets. Instead of disqualifying a child/teen, we will do our best to move them into the appropriate weight category. If that particular division has already started competing, we may have to move them up to a larger weight class or a higher experience level. Please try to double-check your competitor's weight as close as possible to our bracket deadline (Thursday 11:59PM) so that we can make sure they are in an appropriate bracket to make weight.
  • I'm competing in more than one division... Do I have to weigh-in again?
    No. You only need to weigh in once to receive your blue competitor wristband. This wristband signifies that you have made weight. It is important that you do not take off or lose this wristband before you are done competing for the day. If you lose your competitor wristband, you may be disqualified.
  • What are the uniform requirements for all competitors?
    No cups are allowed. Mouthpieces are allowed, but not required. Headgear is not allowed. Finger and toenails must be trimmed short, with no sharp or jagged edges. No jewelry is allowed. If it is permanent body jewelry, the entire area must be securely taped over before competing to make sure it cannot be snagged on clothing or gis. Shoes must be worn off the mats at all times. If a competitor is found in the restroom without shoes, they may be disqualified.
  • What are the uniform requirements for gi divisions?
    BJJ gi and belt must be in good condition (clean and dry, with no tears, rips, or hanging threads). Pants and jacket must match in color; any color gi is allowed. Competitors may wear rash guards under the gi jacket, but may not wear normal cloth t-shirts (to prevent finger injuries while gripping).
  • What are the uniform requirements for no-gi divisions?
    No-gi uniform must be in good condition (clean and dry, with no tears, rips, or hanging threads). All competitors must wear a rash guard while competing. Competitiors cannot compete shirtless or with only a sports bra. Normal cloth t-shirts are not allowed. Wrestling singlets are allowed. Competitors must wear fight shorts, board shorts, spandex, spats, or leggings while competing. Gi pants are not allowed in no-gi competition. Competitors may not wear any articles that have pockets, belt loops, zippers, buttons, or metal/plastic pieces. Drawstrings are allowed, as long as they can be securely tied and tucked in as to not interfere with the match.
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