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Saturday, December 12, 2020

No early weigh-ins. All competitors will weigh-in before their division

November 29, 2020 11:59PM

December 7, 2020 10:00PM

December 9, 2020 6:00PM

December 10, 2020 6:00PM


The Zone

10371 Stella Link Rd.

Houston, TX 77025


$50 per division until Sunday, November 29, 2020

$60 per division until Monday, December 7, 2020​

Spectator tickets are $10 each. Tickets may be purchased online when registering or at the door in cash.

Children under 5 enter without charge.


If you choose to pay for spectator tickets or T-shirts on the day of the event, only cash will be accepted (please note that there is not an ATM on site at the venue).





Thank you for your interest in the upcoming Indiana BJJ tournament! This event was previously named The Chicago Games, but Illinois has decided that martial arts is a high risk activity, so they will most-likely not allow martial arts events until after a vaccine is publicly available. Meanwhile, Indiana is currently in a phase that allows martial arts events, so we have decided to move the event across state lines (less than 30 minutes from the original venue).

Due to the venue change, we had to reschedule the original September 26th event to October 11. All registrations have been moved to the new event, and if you are not able to make the new date, you are able to receive a full refund by emailing us at Also feel free to reach out to us if you would like to receive a partial refund since we are moving back to the early-registration pricing.

As the event draws closer, we will continue to monitor the dynamic COVID–19 situation and will make updates on this page if anything changes. A lot can change between now and then, so we will have to adjust to any venue or government restrictions if necessary. We are making plans to take measures to control crowd size by limiting the number of spectators, only allowing competitor to arrive within scheduled times, etc.


Please continue to watch this page for any further updates. Thank you!

TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE (subject to change, check back for updates):


Tournament Schedule Overview:

  • 8:00AM Doors open (no one allowed into the venue before 8AM)

  • 9:00AM No-gi divisions for Kids and Teens

  • 10:30AM Gi divisions for Kids and Teens

  • 1:00PM Gi divisions for Adults (Men and Women), Masters, and Seniors

  • 3:30PM No-gi divisions for Adults (Men and Women), Masters, and Seniors

  • 5:30PM Approximate tournament end time


Saturday Weigh-in Schedule:​

  • Kids and teens competing in no-gi may weigh in as early as 8:00am, when our doors open

    • If you are doing Kids or Teens No-Gi, you may weigh in at any time after 8:00am, but you MUST be weighed in by 8:45am, or you risk being disqualified.

  • ​Kids and teens competing in gi may weigh in as early as 9:00am

    • If you are only competing in Kids or Teens Gi, you may weigh in at any time after 9:00am, but you MUST be weighed in by 10:15am, or you risk being disqualified. If you already weighed in for no-gi, you do not have to weigh in again

  • Adult men and women may begin weighing in after 11:00am

    • If you are doing Adult/Masters/Seniors Gi, you may weigh in at any time after 11:00am, but you MUST be weighed in by 12:45pm, or you risk being disqualified.

    • If you are only competing in Adult/Masters/Seniors No-Gi, you may weigh in at any time after 11:00am, but you MUST be weighed in by 3:15pm, or you risk being disqualified.

  • If you are competing in multiple divisions (gi and no-gi), you only need to weigh in ONE time for the whole day.


To discourage unhealthy and potentially dangerous weight-cuts and diets, we do not hold weigh-ins on the night before our tournaments. We recommend our athletes compete in a weight division that falls under their normal everyday weight.


  • Weigh-ins are without the gi at the venue before your division begins.

  • There is a 1-pound allowance to account for undergarments and scale differences.

  • If you miss your scheduled weigh-in time, you will be considered absent, your name will be removed from the brackets, and the bracket will be re-drawn.

  • If you do not make weight or do not weigh-in during your assigned weigh-in time, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED FROM YOUR WEIGHT DIVISIONS. If you signed up for Absolute divisions, you may still compete in those in your weight allows (ex. If you signed up for the Absolute No-Gi 0-170 lbs., but you weigh-in over 170 lbs., you will be disqualified from your Absolute division too).

  • Please make sure you are at the weight you registered for, as there will be no refunds or transfers given due to disqualification or missing weight for any reason.

  • Competitors 13-years old and above may not change weight divisions on the day of the tournament as brackets will already be finalized and posted. If you know you need to change your weight division after you have registered, please contact us before 8PM on the Thursday before the tournament to change divisions.


Brackets will be posted online on the Thursday before the tournament.



  • Please review the rules and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

  • Review our Brackets page to see which bracket formats are used for a certain number of competitors in a division.




  • Full refunds if we do not have another competitor in your division (and team mates don't count as opponents). You will be notified by the Thursday before the tournament if you do not have a competitor.

  • Division credit rollovers if you have not started your division(s). This may be due to injury from a previous division, not showing up to the tournament, having to leave early, etc.

    • As a courtesy to other competitors, please let us know ASAP if you cannot make the event so we can update brackets. If there is only one other person in your division, it will give us an opportunity to contact the other competitor to let them know they do not have an opponent.

  • NEW! Full refunds at anytime for military personnel who are put on orders before the tournament and cannot compete. Just email us a copy of your orders (within 6 months after the tournament) and we will process a full refund for you.

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